However, it’s not just what you need to know at the beginning of your love for sketching.

It’s good to occasionally find a new hobby, but if you choose to sketch, you must take it seriously. Buy a new drawing block, and apply the tricks of the greatest artists that we reveal below. We guarantee that you will see the progress of your sketches very quickly. It seems to you that the lines are constantly smearing you and that you can not do anything about it? You’re wrong. You can solve this problem within 2 minutes.

Here you will benefit from spoiled lines that we get by shading. It has advice for you – when sketching the sky it is desirable that there are no sharp lines but that they are a bit more subtle. However, it is a skill to do this without being mere scabies (unless you want that effect). To make it easier, take paper to use for the “swatch” of a graphite or carbon pencil, and then take the surface or stick that you use to mix to pick up the ‘dust’ of the pen that you will use for your drawing. It is recommended that you first shade a brighter part, and then slowly move to darker because black graffiti can be stuck on the ‘blender’ and can ruin your work. The way you hold the pen can greatly affect your drawing. If you hold the bottom of the pencil, you will have greater accuracy, but the pressure on the paper will be higher and therefore that part of the drawing will be darker. If, however, you want brighter lines, you should hold the pen at the top, although in that case you have less control over what you are doing, and less precision.

Combining the right lines will be screwed at the beginning, but the more you draw, it will be easier for you to fit different elements that will look good together. Feel free to experiment with different types of pens (from 3h to 6b) or hold a pencil at different angles. You must remember that while you were small and watching animated films, you recognized the most important characters even when only their shadow appeared. Well, there lies the power of a good silhouette. The purpose of a powerful and interesting silhouette is that you can break into which character is the work of the eye, and which will also remain in the mind of the viewer. To check if your sketched characters will be recognizable if you present them through silhouettes, take a paus paper (rolling paper) and copy the ‘frame’ of your character to fill in a darker color. When you do this, show that paper to your friends and ask them what they see.

One of the many benefits of paus paper is that you can turn it to the other side and look at a drawing from another angle, which will help you see some errors and you will finish the sketch twice as fast. The sketches should not be completely symmetrical, because otherwise they would be very boring. A good way to avoid this is that only the very main lines in the drawing are symmetrical, while other little things can be asymmetrical.